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Our approach to wellness is to support the body’s innate ability to balance its interdependent systems naturally.

Desperate for nutrition.

We are living longer but we have more chronic diseases starting at earlier ages. Chemicals in our food and environment once viewed as harmless have now been proven to be toxic. Consumption of sugar, fat, and carbohydrates has never been higher while depleted soil, crop changes and seasonal inconsistencies are yielding less nutrient-dense food. Our bodies are desperate for utrients but can’t solely rely on our food sources to deliver them anymore. While modern medicine offers us the benefits of advanced surgical techniques that help us repair damaged tissue and broken bones, its principal focus on disease care and symptom management often fall short in supporting our well-being.

Even if you think you eat well, get enough sleep, exercise and live a healthy, active lifestyle, is it enough? When we take a step back and look at rising incidence of new and existing chronic diseases, our stress levels and increasing threats to health, we have to ask if we are seeing an improvement in our health quality or a decline. Surprisingly, the Centers for Disease Control show 76 percent of adults do not meet fruit intake recommendations, and 87 percent do not meet vegetable intake recommendations.

Begin your path to wellness.

We have envisioned a new, more powerful and holistic model for health that supports true wellness instead of disease and symptom management. A progressive healthcare model that focuses on addressing the root causes of health issues and supporting the optimal function and maintenance of the myriad physiological, biochemical, and genetic systems through nutritional science and healthier lifestyle choices. There is so much more that can be done to lead our collective healthcare in a wellness-based manner. What is the foundation for this new path? The human body! The body is designed to be in perfect health. The human organism has complex, harmonious systems to keep it in perfect working order. Imagine a human body in a closed system with perfect nutrition, beneficial exercise, no toxins, and no stress. That body would thrive for a long time because it is carefully designed to maintain health. Even though life doesn’t always give us these optimal conditions, we can be proactive with our health and achieve a greater state of wellness. Imagine the huge potential of a healthcare model that is entirely holistic, focused on the natural healing abilities of the body and concentrated on thriving, not just surviving. We will feel, think, move, look, perform and age so much better, thereby being better able to express and contribute our unique gifts to the world.

Empowerment is another benefit of a wellness-focused healthcare model. We can be in charge of our own health, and take steps to support our best health, instead of waiting for disease to strike. We can use doctors, alternative practitioners, researchers, and supplement companies as resources to help us create integrated health strategies and truly take charge of our health. We can lead instead of being led and support bringing our bodies into healthy balance. It is about building your self-health platform and not living a disease-management lifestyle. It is to create an environment in your body and your life that promotes health and is far less susceptible to disease. Our approach to wellness is to support the body’s innate ability to balance its interdependent systems naturally. When imbalances occur, we support the body with the right nutrients. When one of our systems is weak, we work to support it with targeted nutrition and lifestyle changes. This approach allows us to be more personally responsible and involved in our own healthcare.

More and more scientific research supports this view: Research now shows that numerous natural compounds can stimulate certain genes, creating the potential to make up for health deficits. Nutritional compounds derived from food, plants and supplement can give us the opportunity to take charge of our path to wellness.

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